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How to activate Hulu on your streaming player and enjoy unlimited entertainment?

There are loads of streaming services providers out there on the market, with new service providers emerging on a regular basis. Hulu is one of the best in its kind. With a huge collection of TV shows and movies, Hulu offers live TV service to its subscribers. If you want to know about Hulu and Hulu subscriptions, then let us go ahead and dive into it. Hulu has been on the market for over ten years as a top streaming service provider. In addition, the service is available only in Japan and USA. With an extensive collection of TV shows along with its live streaming service, Hulu has become a most preferred choice among people.

Just like any other service provider, Hulu offers various subscription plans at different prices. Luckily, Hulu is one of the cost-effective live streaming platforms. Some plans that have no Add-ons can include

  • $5.99 per month (with ads)
  • $11.99 per month (No Ads)
  • $12.99 per month – ESPN plus – Disney Plus (with ads)
  • $54.99 per month – Hulu & Live TV

Hulu offers a free version (with Ads) with a small collection of shows and movies.

Hulu’s subscribers can stream their favorite video content through any of the supported streaming players. They just need to choose their preferred streaming devices and complete the Hulu activate process to view Hulu movies and shows. The features and content will differ bases on their subscription and app version that their device supports. Now that we have learned something about Hulu and supported streaming players, let us see some supported services. These devices can stream Hulu programs on, after subscribers go to and activate the service.

Devices that support the latest Hulu application

  • Selected Android Televisions
  • Android devices
  • Selected Apple TV devices
  • Echo Show
  • Chrome cast
  • Selected LG televisions
  • iPad & iPhone
  • Sony PlayStation (3 & 4)

Devices that support the Hulu classic application

  • 2nd and 3rd generation Apple TV
  • Selected models of Samsung Blu-ray players and televisions
  • Selected models of LG Blu-ray players and televisions
  • Selected models of Sony Blu-ray players and televisions
  • Selected Roku devices
  • Vizio

If you have any of these devices and a Hulu subscription, you can easily activate and view Hulu movies as well as shows by visiting on your phone or computer.

How to do the Hulu activate process to link your streaming player?

The best way to link a new streaming device with Hulu is to download the Hulu application and sign in using your login credentials. If you own a TV-connected player or Smart TV, then you may be able to activate the device by going online and visiting

  • Log in to your Hulu account on the welcome page using your login information
  • You should then click the option Activate on your personal computer
  • You will now get a Hulu activation code
  • Visit the account web page and log in to the account if prompted
  • Search for the option that says, Watch Hulu on Your Devices section. Or else, you can simply visit
  • Now, enter the activation code to log in

Remember, you will get an intimation email whenever you link a new streaming device to your Hulu account. The email will have the following information.

  • Information about the newly added device
  • Your geographical details
  • Activation time and date

Hulu – New Features

Once you have done the Hulu activate procedure, you may want to know about the new features of this pioneer VOD or Video on Demand service provider. Hulu keeps including new features and improvements, depending on subscribers’ feedback. Therefore, you should log in to your Hulu account to become aware of the newly added features.

This is how Hulu subscription works

Once users download the app and activate the services, they may get a chance to enjoy one-month trial period. In addition, when they opt out of the subscription during this period, there will not be any charges. Hence, it is up to the users to choose a subscription that they think will beat suit their requirements. If you are new to using Hulu services or finding difficulties in activating Hulu subscription, you can simply browse through our website to get quick and reliable solutions.