In this article, we are going to explain to you the different options that you have for how many screens you can view at the same time with your Hulu subscription.

So essentially, if you just have the base Hulu package or the Hulu with no ads or Hulu with Live TV, then you should be able to stream on two different screens at the same time now there is an additional option here for those individuals that have Hulu with Live TV and there’s an unlimited screen, add on so we want to walk you through the fine print of that so if you do have Hulu with Live TV, and you purchase the unlimited screens add on which is 999, a month, then you’ll be able to stream on as many devices as you want, that is connected to your home internet network, the fine print to this is if you’re away from your home internet network. So, on a mobile device, for instance, then you’ll get up to three separate mobile devices, streams, at once and then also if you have this unlimited streams plan with your live TV subscription through Hulu, and then you also happen to have a premium add on such as HBO, Cinemax Starz or Showtime, then there is a limit put on these two, five, total screens on your home network and again, three of which can be out of the home mobile devices at the same time.

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