We’re going to be doing an overview of the new Hulu TV offerings that they just came out with recently. And we’re also going to touch on the frequently asked questions that people have about this current service that is now available through Hulu, so it just came out this past week. It’s still limited to not a whole lot of devices so that’s the drawback that they’re adding, and this is just the beta right now so there is going to be glitches and bugs and things that they’re never getting through but once they start offering this on more devices we’ll be able to do a more thorough review of the in-app experience itself but right now we’re just going to be touching on the channel offering. And like we said touching on some of those frequently asked questions that people are having about these current options so to get things started here. We’ll go down and the most important thing, are going to be the channels that any streaming service provides and this one, you’re going to get your ABC, CBS Fox and NBC with 10, but there are some solo areas that will get their local channels as well. It just depends on where you live, so you’re going to have to click on this little thing right here that says if you don’t have in your area and type in your zip code to get complete information and that’s also going to be your workforce work to see if this TV package for your regional Sports Network You’re also going to want to click that as an easier area and input your zip code so you see if you get a regional Sports Network.

In terms of this overall TV package, it’s very similar to what you’ll see where streaming TV packages but we always recommend that you compare and contrast and if there are some channels that are really important to you. Make sure that obviously you go with TV package that has those channels, but this has a pretty good selection here especially when you compare it to things like PlayStation view DirecTV now, YouTube TV as well as Sling TV. This is certainly a good mix of channels and other positive with this is you’re also going to get all of Hulu’s regular streaming service options that they, you know, the service that they used to compete with companies like Netflix and Amazon Prime video you’re also going to get access to that content. In addition to these live channels so a lot of sports offerings here the important ones are being your ESPN host of channels, as well as your Fox Sports host of channels, and that’s going to, more than likely include a regional fact Sports Network if that’s available in your area, in terms of news content you have all the big offerings CNN, MSNBC, Fox News.

And then also just other channels in general that people are interested in things like Travel Channel TNT, TBS, History Channel, HGTV, National Geographic going through here. Those are more of the big ones, you know, that we don’t see on here is AMC that’s a big drawback with the plan AMC has a lot of very popular shows, so the fact that it doesn’t offer AMC that is kind of a downer. But maybe like Disney channels. You also have Cartoon Network we Boomerang also has some cartoon content on there as well. But no Nickelodeon, and on Comedy Central and just some other channels like that that are fairly popular that is not going to be available on this particular live TV packages, we touched on the sports offerings we touched on these offerings here, as well as the kid offerings. And then also, of course, you’re getting that glue package which is going to have every season and an episode of Seinfeld, which is positive also just the regular Hulu streaming library is going to have some of the Comedy Central offerings like South Park, and also just the original content that Hulu has streaming service, some of like the Mindy projects like that so going down here. You can customize this with and you can go from 50 DVR cloud hours to 200. You can also increase from two screens, which is the base price for unlimited screens. And you can also add on a Showtime, and get all their content if you want to add that as well not an HBO add on which is a little disappointing. And then here’s that this is currently support on it not great at all it’s the worst in terms of all of the live streaming TV options that are out there, it’s just going to be on iPad, Android phones and tablets the Xbox One, the Apple TV and Chrome cast Oh, you’re missing huge ones like the Amazon Fire Roku, as well as just a Mac and PC in general, that’s another big one that’s not on here that’s quite unfortunate at this point. So, typically with these services, we test them on my Roku player or my PC but it’s not an either of those so we can’t actually test it. Right now in terms of the in-app experience where there are just the overview offerings here and this is going to be a 3999 offering a little pricey. And when you compare Sling TV which has a $20 offering PlayStation view has a cheaper option than this as well as DirecTV Now. But the positive, you are getting that Hulu streaming service which is about an eight to $10 or so value in it. Also, if you take that out, you know, technically, you’re getting this live TV package for $30 a month or right around there, so certain competitive price in that. But, unfortunately, say you don’t want the Hulu streaming package added on with this, if you take that out it’s only going to raise the price to 3899 from 3099. So obviously, you may as well just go to that 3999 for $1 more to get that streaming options as part of your TV. Also, another thing to point out is if you don’t want to live at all, you can just get Hulu streaming package for as little as 799, a month. So just to touch on the frequently asked questions here I’ve probably touched on most of these, so far but what do you need to get started with Hulu TV Well, you’re going to need an internet connection, you’re going to need an accountant and a subscription purchase to Hulu’s TV offerings and you’re also going to need a storage device that’s compatible with the Hulu app that’s going to have these offerings, on it so right now that’s not very few apps so be sure that you know you check in advance to see if you have the right kind of streaming devices. Can you watch local sports and news it’s going to be region by region city situation where you just gotta type in your zip code into Hulu’s search to see if those are going to be offered in your area, and then can I watch Hulu with Live TV on multiple devices at the same time the base package is going to have two streams, and you can upgrade that to unlimited screens if you want? Can I record live content we touched on that you have 50, hours of DVR, that you can have in the cloud, you can upgrade that to 200? Excuse me. And then we go down here. What does beta mean, that just means that this is a test for the full lunch, that’s going to be coming as they also introduce more streaming devices and they’re going to be working through any bugs that they might have with this current beta test that’s going on but just because it’s a beta test doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still expect to get a solid streaming service.

And one that’s fairly bug-free especially given the fact that he was on for quite a while, so they should be in a place where they’re comfortable streaming video on different applications on all these devices. And we also touched on the plans that they offer a base price for this is going to be 3999 and that also includes the Hulu streaming service as well. You can take that out and reduce it to 3899 but I’m not a big fan of the fact that there’s not a bunch of different tiers services like you get with DirecTV now or the station view or Sling TV. That’s what YouTube TV is also at right now which is another recent live TV streaming package that’s come out, it just has one tier which gives you, their host of channels that they offer with no ability to either slim down or add on to those channel offerings. So that’s going to wrap up this overview of some of the frequently asked questions and just basic information about this new Hulu TV package we love the fact that more and more of these companies are getting into the live TV streaming game, it just is going to increase competition and make things better for us users, and it’s only a positive,

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